Cheating Spouse - Detective investigations into infidelity & affairs

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, a private detective can provide certainty here. However, a private detective not only provides you with certainty about your spouse's infidelity, but also with evidence that has existed in divorce proceedings in court.

If the spouse is unfaithful, this can be a reason for a divorce. For example, §49 of the German Marriage Act states that "serious misconduct in marriage exists in particular if one spouse has broken the marriage [...]". Although cheating is no longer an absolute reason for divorce, but only a relative reason for divorce, a fling in marriage can still have its first legal consequences in court. If the court finds that the fraud has led to the irrevocable break-up of the marriage, the unfaithful spouse is often blamed for the failure of the marriage. As a result, adultery or an extramarital affair proven by a detective can also have an impact on alimony payments.

Hire a private detective to prove adultery & extramarital affairs

As a detective agency in Vienna & Salzburg, we have specialised in cheating partner surveillance, among other things. All investigations are 100% discreet and legally secured. We work closely with lawyers specialising in divorce law and will be happy to cooperate directly with your lawyer.

The more clues you have for your partner's suspected cheating and the more information you can give about your spouse's usual daily routine and whereabouts, the more targeted our investigations can be.

As private detectives, we are on duty for you 24/7 in our investigations, shadowing and observations within the scope of partner surveillance. Anytime and everywhere: Vienna - Salzburg - Austria - Worldwide.

We will work out an efficient solution with you in a free and non-binding initial consultation.

According to the § 1295 ABGB in many cases the costs of the private investigator can be replaces by the injuring party. The customer consequently gets the complete fee refunded and no costs are caused for him.

Of course, as detectives we also help you with other "uncertainties" in relationship matters. If you suspect that you have been the victim of a marriage swindler or fraudulent marriage or if you have the feeling that your partner is hiding something from you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions and Answers

"Haben Sie das Gefühl das Ihr Partner Sie betrügt?"
Wir geben Ihnen die Gewissheit. Wir erarbeiten mit Ihnen in einem kostenlosen und unverbindlichen Erstgespräch eine effiziente Lösung.
"Warum benötige ich einen Scheidungsdetektiv?"
Um Ihre Rechte zu sichern. Das österreichische Eherecht sieht unterschiedliche Vorteile bei schuldhaft geschiedener Ehe vor. Als Beispiel wird der Unterhalt anders bemessen, wenn der Partner die Ehe schuldhaft zum Scheitern gebracht hat. Mehr dazu im persönlichen Gespräch.
"Wann soll ich aktiv werden?"
So bald als möglich, wenn erste Anzeichen einer Untreue oder Verhaltensänderung bemerkt werden. Kontaktieren Sie uns via Email oder telefonisch.
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