Eavesdropping defense - Private Detective in Vienna

We can provide the necessary environment so you can feel comfortable and devote yourself to your activity. The search of bugs, dictation sets, professional Spy gadgets on PC and laptop, also further bugging device are the part of our main tasks. Hire a private detective, if your walls have ears. Targeted eavesdropping hurts both the economy and private traders alike. The development of interception technology is progressing rapidly with more than 200 suppliers worldwide.

Defenses against eavesdropping

Whether competitors are trying to spy on your business strategies, the development of new technologies, or current inventions, as well as curious scouts, - no one would like to become the target of detective. We specialize in finding bugs, hidden dictation gadgets, as well as professional spyware on your PC or Lap Top. Do you want to make sure that your private sphere is protected? Get in touch with us and make sure you control your life.

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